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Relief from canine osteoarthritis!

Let’s talk about inflammation…it’s a vicious cycle.


When your dog’s joint cartilage begins to break down, that causes irritation, which causes inflammation and swelling. That inflammation and swelling actually lead to even more joint damage, and the cycle continues until your dog is spending more time on the couch than chasing their favorite ball.

We help break that vicious cycle of pain and inflammation with a revolutionary new treatment called Synovetin OA®. Just one visit delivers up to a year of happy romps and runs.




NEW Synovetin OA breaks the cycle of inflammation and pain, clinically improving mobility and providing long-lasting relief.


Synovetin OA is a novel, conversion electron therapy that targets macrophages and synoviocytes in the injected joint.



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This procedure can only be performed at a RAM-licensed facility by a veterinarian skilled in the delivery of intra-articular (IA) injections. Please see the device package insert for more details.