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Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine focuses on using the bodies own components to heal itself.  Stem cells derived from the patient's own tissue and platelets from their blood are processed and activated using very technical processes and then injected back into the body.  Stem cells can be easily harvested from adult animals and used to treat many underlying conditions.  Cartilage and tendon healing, as well as anti-inflammatory effects, can be achieved through stem cells and platelet rich plasma either independently or in combination with each other.  The process of collection and activation is relatively non-invasive for the most part although the collection of tissue from fat deposits does require surgery.  The surgical procedure is very simple in comparison to bone marrow collection and is limited to the tissues containing fat just beneath the skin.

We are now using platelet rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell therapies for our patients.  All orthopedic procedures have PRP added to the surgery site to promote healing and tissue repair/regeneration.  Orthopedic and spine surgeries receive PRP and Low Level Laser Light treatment as part of the procedure to enhance healing and reduce pain and inflammation.  These therapies are included in the cost of the procedures because we believe in putting patient comfort and recovery to normal function first.  We also use this technology for cases where we want to try and avoid surgery or for chronic medical conditions that have been unresponsive or poorly responsive to traditional medical therapies.  Will this work for every patient and every situation?  Probably not;  but often it does provide us an opportunity to help a chronically ill patient or avoid surgery in some patients. 

We also offer low level laser therapy, low intensity infra-red light therapy and low frequency ultrasound as part of our regenerative and rehabilitation therapy programs.  Clients can purchase packages of regenerative and rehabilitative programs  to save costs over purchasing individual treatments.