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General Practice

We also provide general practice medicine and surgery in addition to providing ABVP diplomate level medicine, surgery and diagnostic imaging.  preventive care for a variety of pets including not only dogs and cats, but also rabbits, small mammals, snakes, turtles and other reptiles.

Spays and neuters of multiple species is an area that we have a great deal of experience in.  And, not all spays and neuters are created equal! 

All, and that includes cats neuters, surgery patients have a pre-anesthetic mini panel that checks kidney, liver, blood glucose and red blood cell levels performed as part of the procedure.  Cats also have a pro BNP level done to look for occult heart disease prior to anesthesia.  Each and every case is evaluated as an individual and an anesthetic protocol chosen based upon the patient's health status and age.  We have a variety of induction and maintenance drugs including very short acting drugs for patients with underlying disease and heart problems.  When it comes to anesthesia "one size does not fit all".  All patients have an indwelling intravenous catheter, fluids to maintain hydration and blood pressure, monitoring by a trained technician from induction to recovery and an injection of pain medication that will last at least 24 hrs. We also use local anesthetics at the site of the surgery to enhance the pain relieving effects of the injectable medications.  Your pet is never left unattended from the moment they are induced into an anesthetic state until they are fully awake.  All of this is included in the price quoted you.  There are never any "hidden" fees.  You won't find this level of care everywhere and it is not part of the "standard of care" at many veterinary clinics and hospitals.  This level of care is often only found at referral centers and universities.

The price of spay or neutering includes the first 24 hrs. of pain medication given by injection. You may upgrade to a full blood panel, purchase additional pain medications or an e-collar for an additional cost if you choose.